Award-winning columnist and best-selling author Regina Brett delves into issues of the heart and soul to give listeners the tools to create a greater life for themselves and others. The Regina Brett Show tackles themes of life’s transitions and those personal issues that are most universal to all. Regina is the author of the books “God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours” and “Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible.

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Many couples recite the words “till death do us part” and go off to start their lives together. But what happens when it comes way too soon? On this edition of the Regina Brett Show, Regina walks through the grief recovery process with young widows and widowers and a noted bereavement counselor.


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  • Gray Divorce

    Couples over 50 used to account for ten percent of divorces, but in two decades that number has more than doubled. Baby boomers are finding that, after the kids are out of the house, so is their reason for staying married. On the next "Regina Brett Show," we'll discuss the graying of... divorce. READ MORE


    Nobody affects us as deeply as our brothers and sisters-not parents, not children, not friends. On the next "Regina Brett Show," we'll be joined by "Time" magazine's Jeffrey Kluger, author of "The Sibling Effect." We'll discuss our collaborators and co-conspirators, our role models and cautionary tales... our siblings. READ MORE
  • Hoarding Help

    On this Regina Brett Show, we discuss the signs of hoarding behavior and the best ways to help a hoarder. We’ll talk to Tamara Hartl, co-author of the book “Digging Out: Helping your loved one manage clutter, hoarding and compulsive acquiring;” Keith Brown, co-chair of the Hoarding Connection of Cuyahoga County; and Muffy Kaesberg of Organizing 4 U. READ MORE

    Gambling Addiction

    The Horseshoe Casino is open for business in downtown Cleveland but at what costs? We explore how to protect against developing a gambling addiction when a casino is right in your backyard. National and local problem gambling experts will join the show to talk about awareness, prevention and treatment. READ MORE
  • Work Success

    Feeling stuck at work? Don't let a glass ceiling or a sticky floor stop you from reaching your true place in the professional world. Learn how to speak your truth and develop your inner diva with business communication expert Colette Carlson, personal power expert DeLores Pressley and Akron Children's Hospital executive Bernett Williams. READ MORE

    Giving a Great Speech

    Graduation season is in full swing and unfortunately many of us will have to sit through long and boring commencement speeches to see our favorite graduate cross the stage. Scott Berkun, author of the book “Confessions of a Public Speaker,” joins the show to talk about what makes a speech great or fall short of connecting with an audience. READ MORE
  • Religion Today

    What’s important at Sunday worship? A praise band, video screens, a good sermon, a large crowd, or a small gathering. We explore religion today; where people are worshipping and why or why not. READ MORE

    The Catholic Church in Today's World

    On this edition of The Regina Brett Show, Regina talks to everyday people who decided to be the miracle and make what seemed impossible, possible. Hear about the center that promotes healing for those touched by cancer; the miraculous story of Sudanese refugees who found hope in Cleveland, and how one organization raises $10,000 in one hour for local charities. READ MORE
  • Getting Published

    If you want to have your writing published, first you should have it edited. You also need to read. That’s some of the advice shared in our conversation about getting published. READ MORE

    Book to the Future

    The future of books is evolving every day. Ebook sales are skyrocketing. Big box bookstores are closing. Librarians and an independent bookseller share their thoughts. READ MORE