Back to School Prep

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It’s the big transition.

Summer is winding down.  The doors of school buildings across the country are open.  Bells are ringing.  Are you prepared for your favorite little one to start or return to school?  Can you even be prepared?

Author and clinical psychologist Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. advises parents and guardians to stop and be realistic.

“We work against ourselves because we have overzealous expectations,” says Tsabary.   “How about if we all banded together: teachers, the community and parents knowing that the first month is going to be chaotic and all of us kind of just surrender to it instead of being so pressured to make it smooth.  Let’s all back off, ease out and go with the flow of the chaos rather than zealously trying to create perfected smoothness.”

Dr. Tsabary is the author of “The Conscious Parent.”  The book encourages parents to see their children as mirrors of the parent’s forgotten self.

41j4JYDq9bL._SL500_AA300_On this edition of The Regina Brett Show, Regina talks with Dr. Tsabary and moms Tara Pringle Jefferson and Laura Fuentes about how to manage the back to school routine.

Jefferson is the founder and editor of the website The Young Mommy Life.  The site is created specifically for first-time mothers under 25.  Jefferson has two school-aged children.

Fuentes is the founder and C-E-O of MOMables; a meal-planning service for healthy and fresh school lunches.  She is the mother of three children and blogs for the Huffington Post and on her personal site the Super Glue Mom.

Joe Crea, restaurants and dining editor for Northeast Ohio Media Group, also chimes in on how to pack a lunch your child will actually eat.

Listen to the full show here

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