Kids Kicking Cancer

Kids Kicking Cancer

Adolescence and the teen years are hard enough by themselves.  Imagine having to deal with cancer on top of it all.

According to the National Cancer Institute, that’s the reality for one out of every 325 adolescents under the age of 20.


Current and former teen cancer patients and their dates enjoy A Prom To Remember at The Ritz-Carlton in downtown Cleveland.

However, there is hope.  The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital reports the teen cancer survival rate is now approximately 85 percent.  That’s an increase of 20 percent over the past 30 years.

On this edition of The Regina Brett Show, Regina talks with teen cancer survivors about their journey through cancer and the lessons learned through their trials.

Clinical psychologist Laura Gerak, PhD and pediatric oncologist Dr. Lisa Hackney also share the best ways to support a family who has a child diagnosed with cancer.

Plus, Regina Brett Show producer Danielle Wiggins takes you to a local prom geared towards providing the ultimate experience for current and former cancer patients ages 12 through 19.

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