Making The Most of Second Chances

2nd Chances cover photo

You’re hurt.

Someone has wronged you.  Maybe they stole something from you, betrayed your confidence, cheated on you or hurt someone you loved.

They want a second chance at success with you.   The question you have to ask yourself  now is are you willing to give it?

On this edition of The Regina Brett Show, Plain Dealer sports and faith columnist Terry Pluto and community activist Mansfield Frazier weigh in with their opinions on second chances.

Pluto shares how he received second chances from friends, employers and his father.

Mansfield Frazier explains how he took advantage of a second chance at earning a living the legal way.  Frazier was a professional counterfeiter for nearly 30 years.  He served multiple stints in federal prison before giving up his criminal life.  What sparked the change?   A challenge from a prison official.

That was nearly 20 years ago.

kitchen class

A culinary arts instructor at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry helps his student review recipes for an upcoming quiz on sauces. LMM’s Central Kitchen program gives those who have been incarcerated skills to land a job in the food industry.

Frazier is now the executive director of Neighborhood Solutions and runs The Vinyards and Biocellar of Chateau Hough in Cleveland’s Hough Neighborhood.  He says Chateau Hough is the country’s first inner-city vinyard.

Second Chances in Society

For Andrew Genszler, giving second chances is a profession and a way of life.  He’s the president and CEO of Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry in Cleveland.

On the show Genszler explains why LMM runs the Central Kitchen program targeting those who have spent time in prison.  The program is designed to give each participant skills to take advantage of a second chance at living a crime free life.

Regina Brett Show producer and Correspondent Danielle Wiggins spent time in LMM’s Central Kitchen.  She shares the story of how second chances even applies to the names used to describe people who have made mistakes.



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