Childbirth Options

Childbirth options feature photo


A simple but powerful word.

The potential.  The beauty.  The choices.  A newborn baby holds it all.

Show host Regina Brett is basking in the glow of a new life being added to her family.  Regina’s daughter Gabe gave birth to a baby girl in early June.

Supporting her daughter through pregnancy and delivery for the third time sparked Regina’s curiosity into the different birthing options women now have.

What’s the best way for a woman to determine the where, who, and how of childbirth?   Regina talks with experts in the field and moms who recently gave birth to get a few answers.  One mom even shares why she decided on home births for all five of her children.

On the show you will hear how families decide where to give birth, who to help, and how to respond when labor and delivery doesn’t go as planned?

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