Share the Road

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The streets are full.  Can everyone who has a right to the road share it safely this summer?

That’s the question Regina is asking on this edition of The Regina Brett Show.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles all have a right to the pavement.  Yes, those on bikes do have a right to ride alongside their motored counterparts.

The Plain Dealer transportation reporter Tom Breckenridge  chronicles the trials and complaints of both motorists and cyclists.  In his article “Cleveland-area motorists, wary cyclists seek a truce on the road,” Breckenridge writes,

Every cyclist who’s spent time on the road has heard it — scolds, curses and shouts from drivers who want them to move over or get on the sidewalk.

And everyone who’s driven a car has seen it — someone on a bike blowing through a red light or a stop sign.

Bad behavior builds tension between cyclists and motorists in Northeast Ohio, a region that’s seeing more people on bikes and a rise in the number of bike-car accidents.

Breckenridge joins the show with cyclists Andy Clarke and Christopher Alvarado.  Clarke is the President and Executive Director of The League of American Bicyclists.  Alvarado is Board President for Bike Cleveland.

Regina, Tom, Andy and Chris discuss:

  • The tension between motorists and cyclists
  • Licensing bikes
  • What makes a city bike friendly
  • Safety for both drivers and bicyclists
  • The upcoming campaign to raise awareness on how to safely share the road


Leave a comment below to let us know your take on the topic.  You can also read Regina’s Reflections for her opinion on sharing the road.

Feature photo courtesy of Michelle Dennis

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